Artifact — the Valve's Dota 2 card game.

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Artifact is a card game based on Dota 2 announced by Valve on Aug-08 2017 with the following teaser video.

Release Date

According to the information from Steam that became available on Mar-21 2018, Artifact will be released on Dec-28 2018.

What do we know so far


The following 2 video clips were captured by on Mar-08 2018:


Decks and Cards

There are four card colors (blue, green, red, and black, like in the teaser). A deck can be made of two different colors. Unless otherwise specified you can only play an ability of a certain color on a board where you have a hero of that color.

Card colors:

It’s unclear whether the abilities in your deck are only dependent on color, or if they have to be linked to the heroes you play. We’ve mostly seen abilities of the heroes in play, but it might just have been the way the deck was built for the journalists.

Cards can be of different rarity levels. However per Gabe's presentation from Mar-08 2018

rarity does not correlate with power

The price

Profits will go into the pro scene like the compendium. There'll also be automated tournaments for all skill levels.

There will be signed cards.

Cards will have different rarities. Commons are meant to cost pennies.

The Lore

Three new heroes. Rix, a wolf-man hybrid, Sorla Khan, the Oglodi who replaced Axe at the head of the Red Mist, and Kanna, possibly a female demon that Juggernaut is worried about.

There’s no single player campaign, but you’ll be able to play against AI.

Apparently most of the Lore will come in the form of interaction between the cards. New voice lines confirmed.

There will be a "lore viewer" where every hero card will deliver a monologue. There might also be hints in the art.

Win condition

In order to win a game of artifact, you need to either destroy two of three enemy towers (40 HP each) or kill an enemy tower and then his ancient (80 HP).

The hand

You draw two cards each turn, no hand size limit.

The board

There are three lanes. You play each lane consecutively (possibly from left to right if you’re Radiant and from right to left if you’re Dire, it goes top, middle, bottom). You start with one hero in each lane.

Each lane has its own tower and mana pool (3 /+1 per turn), but you only draw at the start of the first lane. You gain gold globally by killing creeps (1G) or heroes (5G).

Once you've played every lane, you get to buy items which will be added to your hand. The items you choose from are random.

Creeps are played randomly on the board (2 each turn). When they die, they’re taken out of the game.

There seem to be a delay to deployment as well as an ability to remove that delay. When you play a hero, you’ll play it face down, and it’ll come face up at the start of your next turn.

When a hero dies, there’s a respawn timer of one turn, then you can redeploy it on the board.

You can summon units from your hand, these units can have active abilities.

No unit count limit on lanes. You can literally scroll through them.

Combat happens automatically, dependent on positioning. Each unit will attack the unit in front of it, unless there are two units, then one is chosen at random. If there's no unit right in front of it, but on a diagonal, it will either attack the tower or that unit. If there’s no unit in front of them, they’ll attack the tower, if the tower is down, they’ll attack the ancient. Some cards allow you to switch units with their neighbors, probably taking their place during combat. (It's also possible that you might attack the tower simply by having three more units than you opponent, since there won't be any unit "in front of them", not sure about this.)

When on a board, you and your opponent alternate between playing cards (I play one, you play one, I play one, etc.) Once you're both done, combat happens and you switch lanes. Initiative carries over.

Improvement cards show up as little icons next to one of your towers. One of them is the famous Trebuchet. Improvements can be destroyed by items and probably some abilities.

The items

The item deck is separate and can only hold 9 cards. Not sure if you can buy several copies of the same item.

There’s three item slots for each hero, one for an attack buff, one for an armor buff, one for a health buff. You can also buy consumables like salve. Items can have several effects, like active abilities, or a buff for your tower.

More expansive items do more. For example Short Sword costs 3 gold and gives +2 attack. Keenfolk Musket costs 7 gold and also has an active ability (although I can’t tell you what it is, I’d guess it allows you to damage an enemy without attacking it).

The heroes

Heroes have three stats: Attack, Armor, and Health. Each can be buffed by items and abilities.

Some heroes have continuous effects (passives). Phantom Assassin for example deals 4 additional damage when attacking a hero. They appear as a square on the hero portrait. There are also reactive abilities that can be displayed that way.

Luna has Lucent Beam, which deals one piercing damage (probably bypassing armor) to a random enemy before every action phase, and adds a charge to each Eclipse in your hand or deck. Luna is a blue card (it’s not attribute based), so you can see how they might be late game oriented. You play two Eclipses on turn 10, each having 9 charges. (Eclipse apparently deals 3 damage to a random enemy for each charge.)

Axe doesn’t have any attached continuous effect or reactive ability, but he has beefy stats.